Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments - AARA

General information

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA) are provided to minimise, as much as possible, barriers for students whose disability, impairment, medical condition or other circumstances may affect their ability to access or participate in assessment. 

Students may also be eligible for AARA where illness and misadventure (i.e. unforeseen circumstances) or other situations may prevent them from demonstrating their learning, knowledge and skill in internal and/or external summative assessment.  At Tullawong State High School therefore AARA's are divided into 'AARA Special Provision' and 'AARA Extension'.

Students are NOT eligible for AARA on the following grounds:

  • Unfamiliarity with the English language.
  • Teacher absence or other teacher-related difficulties.
  • Matters that the student could have avoided (e.g. misreading an exam timetable, misreading instructions in exams).
  • Matters of the student's or parent's own choosing (e.g. family holidays)
  • AARA applications on medical grounds must align with the recommendations of a medical practitioner.

    AARA - Extension
    An extension of the final due date of an assessment item is a form of AARA (Access Arrangement and Reasonable Adjustment), in the category of 'illness or misadventure'. Extensions are for unforeseen circumstances or events that occur close to the due date. Extensions are not available for known events (for example, sporting competitions, religious activities/reasons, holidays). In these cases, the student should negotiate to submit their work before the due date.
    Reference: Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
    Part A: Information for Parents/Caregivers/Students
  • Evidence of the student's work to date on the task must be provided with the extension application.
  • If an extension is approved, a new due date for the task will be specified. If no response is submitted by the new due date, the most recent evidence will be graded.
  • 'Days' include weekends, public holidays, student-free days and school holidays.
  • If, on the due date, the student has not been notified that an extension has been approved, they must submit a response to the task via the method specified on the task sheet. If an extension is later approved, the student will be able to submit a new/updated response.
  • Extensions of the due date for a draft or checkpoint should be negotiated directly with the Subject Head of Department
  • A separate Application/Extension Request must be made for each assessment item, however, the same medical certificate can be attached to each application.
  • AARA - Special Provisions
    AARA applications must include:
  1. Tullawong State High School AARA application form.
  2. Evidence to support the application.
  3. Applications on medical grounds, must include the 'Confidential Medical Report' Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), unless the student has a current Education Adjustment Program (EAP) verification. Applications for non-medical circumstances or misadventure, must include documentary evidence that the circumstances were unforeseen and unavoidable. Examples may include a police report, court notice or funeral notice of immediate family member.
  4. Applications may also include a student statement about the impact of their medical condition or disability on their ability to complete assessment. For further information, see the AARA Frequently Asked Questions (below), or email

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Last reviewed 17 June 2021
Last updated 17 June 2021